Firefly two piece

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Style: Two pieces
Stitching: Seamless
Reversible: Yes / black 
Padding: No
Bum coverage: Peach cover 

Light, soft and durable  
80% nylon and 20% spandex 
200 g / m2 

‘Firefly’ is Grace Jones’ nick name amongst her friends.

This swimsuit of velvety fabric is a favourite amongst our customers, because it feels like sculpted to the body.

The design highlights the right angles of the body, making you feel feminine, strong and empowered.

The swimwear is reversible - leopard or black. You pick the look, depending on what you feel like wearing on the day.

Imagine a woman who is bold and ambitious. She is classy and sophisticated. She knows what she wants. She works to achieve it. 

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